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Corona motorhome rental’s is the Best RV rentals in California. Our RV rentals in California accommodate your needs and your wallet. We are a family owned business based out of beautiful Corona, California. We have a hard earned reputation of cleanliness, friendliness, and true value.

Several years ago we took our first RV trip and fell in love from day one. However, owning and maintaining an RV can become very expensive, so we've made it easy for you. Renting an RV from Corona Motorhome Rentals Inc. assures you only get quality RV's for your trip. They are as comfortable as your own home!

Here are some of our unique features that other companies may not offer:

  • Early Checkout and late return times to accomodate traffic congestion and for  those coming from out of the area.(Seasonal)
  • Free rental day to give you time to pack for your trip or to unpack when you return(Also seasonal). Restrictions apply. 
  • Free parking for your vehicle while your away on your trip

Hours: Mon – Sat 9:00 - 4:00. Sun Closed
Location: MOVING TO NEW LOCATION: 900 El Sobrante Rd Corona, CA 92879

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